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As a livestock owner for over 40 years, Dick Kleinhardt understands working with Cattle and Horses. "Hobbling remains an important tool for animal management. It protects both the animal and the people working with them. After years of frustration with the status quo, I decided to find a better way and I did."  OK Corral Enterprises has been granted Patent Pending status on two uniquely adjustable products that are revolutionizing animal management. It is now possible to customize the application to each breed and need. They are called "Horse Tamer Pro Hobbles and Cow Cufflinks."With cows, you can utilize at the long setting (21") for therapuetic benefits or shorten to (12") to use as an anti-kicking device. For horses, you can customize your fit as a training device (4") or lengthen to (12") to use as a grazing hobble or allow a horse more freedom while on a picket line to prevent pawing.

Horses that are broke to hobble learn to ground tie and most importantly are not as apt to "blowup" if ever caught in objects, such as wire etc.  Most cows that tend to kick soon change their attitude after a short period of time with hobbling.  Others live with them on.  In either case, horse or cow, the benefits of hobbling are great.

"I do believe in the benefits of hobbling. The amount of respect and safety that has been gained has been immeasurable." - Dick Kleinhardt

All of our very high quality products are made with:

• 6,000 pound tensile strength nylon webbing. Guaranteed not to break.
• Metal components are forged from stainless steel to protect against corrosion and ease of cleaning.
• Are handcrafted here in the United States of America.
• Are machine washable for easy cleanup.

"May the path you choose in life always be a good one! Happy Trails!!"

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